Kingom thermoplastic mudguards are completely adaptable to any type or model of commercial vehicle or truck (trailers, vans, trailers, tractors, buses, etc).

Kingom manufacturers specialized mudguards, half-mudguards (with built-in clip and/or flat base) and brackets in the size that you need. If you wish you can purchase the version of the built-in extension or mudguard flap. See more information about Kingom´s mudguard flap set.

Find the plastic or rubber mudguards for your truck, trailer, van or commercial vehicle in our product finder.


• Flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures thanks to its reinforcement ribbing
• Minimum weight and volume
• Made out of polypropylene of high quality and highly resistant to aging
• Easy to mount and dismount thanks to two openings that allow quick locking-unlocking


The use of mudguards is obligatory on all heavy goods vehicles because they form part of the spray suppression system designed to ensure that the assembly meets the stipulations of regulation 109/2011. The mudguard must cover the area immediately above, in front of and behind the tyre or tyres in the following way:

    • 1. In the case of a single axle or multiple axles, the forward edge (C) must extend forwards to reach the line O-Z such that the angle (z) is no greater than 45o above the horizontal. The rear edge must extend downwards such that it is no more than 100 mm above a horizontal line passing through the centre of the wheel (FIGURE 1)

Figure 1

  • 2. In the case of multiple axles, the angle refers only to the first axle, and the requirement regarding the height of the rear edge applies to the last axle.
  • 3. The mudguard must have a total width “Q” sufficient to cover at least the width of tyre “B” or the total width of both tyres “T” in the case of twin wheels, bearing in mind the specifications mentioned above in points 1 and 2 for the tyre/wheel/flap ensemble.

Figure 2

Mudguards must not exhibit any opening enabling the expulsion of projectiles when the vehicle is in motion. This requirement is deemed to be fulfilled if, with the vehicle laden or unladen, any radial jet – projected backwards from the centre of the wheel across the entire width of the tyre tread and within the width covered by the mudguard – always collides with some part of the spray suppression system.

The leading face of the rear face of the mudguard must be equipped with a mud flap.meeting the specifications set out here. This mud flap must cover the interior of the mudguard to a height determined by a straight line running from the centre of the wheel forming an angle of at least 30º with the horizontal.

figure 3

In the case of multiple axles where the distance between the tyres of adjacent axles is no greater than 300 mm, the mudguard must also conform to the model shown in figure 3.


Kingom mudguards meet the market’s quality standards by virtue of using the finest materials in the manufacturing process, offering the maximum degree of resistance and durability for our complete range of mudguards.


Various products are needed to affix the mudguard to the chassis, such as adjustable clamps and supports tubes:

Kingom offers you various clamp options:

We offer two support tube options in order to adapt to the special needs of each vehicle:


At kingom we want to work with you: we are always thinking about how to help you make the most of your time, and for us the spray-suppression system is the best example of this, because it gives us the option of supplying you with the completely fitted spray-suppression assembly (clamps and/or spray suppression flap), thereby offering you a saving in time and a saving in costs.

In our technical engineering department we have all the tools needed to adapt to your technical requirements, mounting the spray-suppression flap at the height requested so that it can be adjusted to the needs of your vehicle.