Anti-spray set, or mudguard with mud flap incorporated, is completely adaptable to any type or model of industrial vehicle or truck (towing truck, pickup truck, light truck, lifted trucks, vans, trailers, tractors).

Kingom is a manufacturer of custom sized, high-quality fenders/mudguards, half-mudguards (with built-in clamp and/or flat base) and brackets.

The anti-spray set consists of the fender, the clamps and the mud flap. The entire unit is already mounted perfectly so that you only have to adapt it to your truck.

The anti-spray set has a great range of advantages:

• Fast and easy assembly
• Savings in labor and time
• Best product quality: the assembly by the manufacturer ensures a perfect adaptation of all products
• Custom mud flaps in any sizes
• Fully approved products according to the normative e9 * 109/2011 * 109/2011 * 3000 * 00 and the European regulation 109/2011

In this product we have combined our 2 main products and adapted them into a unit to facilitate the entire mounting process and make it more simple and effective.