Mud Flaps for Trucks and Industrial Vehicles

Kingom has more than 25 years’ experience in the rubber industry, manufacturing all types of products from mats for cars, buffers and bumpers for trucks, wheel chocks and more, but it is in mud flapswhere Kingom has invested special care and attention to making the best flaps on the market: consistently seeking the perfect finish for the customer and complying with pertinent regulations, both Spanish and international.  

This product originated from a regulation that placed an onus on trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and other industrial vehicles to prevent stones, objects and water being thrown up in the direction of other drivers, but with the passing of time it has also become a medium for advertising.

We currently manufacture in three materials; rubber, PVC and polypropylene. All our materials are recycled and we invariably respect the environment in our production processes. 


We make all our mud flaps at our facilities in Polinya (Barcelona), which enables us to satisfy ourselves about the quality of each flap;this also enables us to adapt to the needs of the customer in an immediate way. 

We currently offer a wide range of mud flaps in the vast majority of standard measures. We can also produce any size of mud flap in accordance with our customer’s needs, so that it can be adjusted to any vehicle without problems. 

All our mud flaps are customisable, using either screen printing or embossing.


Our product catalogue offers three materials for manufacturing mud flaps, each material having its own advantages, but all of them have two things in common; quality and durability.

Rubber mud flaps are the most resistant and hard-wearing, withstanding all types of weather conditions whether snow, ice, sand or rain. These mud flaps have proven to be highly resistant on the road, with some examples still looking like new after over 15 years’ on-road use. This is due to our rubber compound, which enables us to manufacture first-rate mud flaps both in terms of finish and quality.

PVC mud flaps are manufactured in response to market demand for a product that is more versatile and accessible in terms of price, while maintaining high quality and satisfying customer needs both in terms of measurements and compliance with standards

Polypropylene mud flaps are manufactured with the aim of using a material that is just as hard-wearing as rubber but that contributes added value by being much lighter, thereby considerably reducing the weight of the vehicle and saving fuel.

customised mud flaps


As part of our mud flap range we offer our customers a series of finishes in accordance with their needs; black mud flaps, black mud flaps with white borders, embossed designs, screen-printed designs, as well as mud flaps of the main makes, such as: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo Trucks, Scania, Iveco, Man and Daf, among others.

The most advisable option for our customers is that of customising their mud flaps with the name of their company, logo, telephone number and website, since it represents highly visible advertising in terms of both the industry and the general public.

Mud flaps customised with screen printing enable us to create more eye-catching and colourful designs, whereas embossing lends extra durability to the customisation, adding a few more years to its life.

Kingom undertakes to create various designs for its customers with their choice of logo, name and contact details, as well as the information they wish to advertise. 

screen printed mud flaps


There are various types of mud flap currently to be found on the market, for example those known as “spike”, “hair” and “groove” mud flaps, all of which are valid as long as they comply with the regulations. 

Such compliance is not determined by shape; instead, products comply when they have the spray-suppression system (in the Kingom case, grooves) required by directive 91/226/EEC and regulation 109/2011. These regulations stipulate that the mud flap should absorb 70% of the water expelled by the tyres, and in our case they retain something in the order of 80%, meaning that they exceed the performance standard required.

Our compliance solution allows the user to clean the mud flap more easily in comparison to other types of solution, such as the one made up of hair, because with the latter the mud remains fixed, making the component heavier and detaching it from the mudguard over the long term.

All our products comply with both Spanish and international regulations, and consequently pass the Spanish vehicle testing system and other quality checks without any problem at all.


Kingom has been in the business of manufacturing mud flaps for close to 30 years. To achieve this track record we have always maintained a strict policy of quality control, adapting ourselves to the specific needs of each customer. 

Our mud flaps have a thickness above the European average, thus making them more hard-wearing and safe for the road, as well as lengthening their lives by years. Our formula enables the mud flaps to be extra heard-wearing and durable, enhancing safety for the driver and other drivers nearby. 

Mud flap sizes

Our product catalogue offers various sizes of mud flap to match the majority of trucks on the market. We also offer the possibility of manufacturing tailor-made sizes to order, thereby adapting to the needs of each customer and each vehicle type.

In general, the majority of trucks use standard measurements complying with the stipulated regulations. 

10 mud flap sizes are mainly used in Europe, although they can vary slightly depending on the type of vehicle. 

Light vehicles such as the Nissan Cabstar and the Iveco Daily have small mud flaps that tend not to exceed 50cm in width.  The main mud flap sizes that are used for this type of vehicle are 400×550 and 450×550.

In the case of HGVs such as trucks, trailers and refrigerated trucks and trailers there is a wider range depending on the size of the wheels and mudguards.

The main sizes are 500×850, 630×920, 600×850 and 400×770, among others.

For the rear sections of trucks we offer two sizes that clearly focus on advertising: 2100×300 for light vehicles and 2400×350 for HGVs. This size is best for advertising since it is the one that has the highest degree of exposure to other drivers. 

In the case of the USA, Canada and South America, sizes are more standardised and are restricted to fewer models. The mud flaps predominantly used in this case are: 24”x30”, 24”x24” and 24”x36”. 

Medidas de los faldones


We always use recycled compounds to manufacture our mud flaps, whether originating from surplus residues in the production of rubber, plastic or polypropylene. Even some of the compounds we use as oil are recycled.

We endeavour to look after the environment as much as possible in all our manufacturing procedures, safeguarding all ecological and productive processes. This is in addition to disposing of the waste we generate in the most natural way possible and consistently reusing our excess production by returning it to the production chain. 


With the aim of making rubber mud flap installation easier, Kingom has come up with the anti-spray kit, comprising:

  • Mudguard
  • Customised mud flap
  • 4 clamps

In this way we supply the customer with everything that surrounds the wheel in a single piece, reducing manufacture and installation times to a minimum; otherwise the workshop has to make the assembly piece by piece. 

This product is becoming more and more popular among our customers, who have seen improvements in their productivity by speeding up the chain of production and optimising each task. 


At Kingom we have taken on various projects for companies with very little connection to our industry and yet we have been able to perfectly adapt to satisfy a specific request. 

For example, Kingom and RZR World have jointly developed a rubber mud flap for buggies, specifically for the Polaris RZR XP 1000, which has successfully managed to prevent stones entering the cabin and avoid scratches caused by the objects, dust and gravel thrown up by the wheels. The product is exclusive to this top brand, specialising in spare parts for the RZR buggy. 

There are many more examples where it has been possible to adapt mud flaps to new requirements and, as in this case, to very different types of vehicle. 


Mud flaps spend hours and hours on the road, meaning that they are seen by thousands of people and represent a great option for advertising campaigns. They are generally used by workshops and coachbuilders to raise awareness of their services and business, although on some occasions they are used by larger companies in high-profile campaigns. 

One of the most famous mud flap campaigns was devised by a US company, which created the well-known “Mud Flap Lady”. This generated a great deal of publicity and was referred to in a number of TV series, such as The Simpsons.

We have also participated in campaigns with large media outlets. A case in point was the campaign run by the Spanish TV channel Antena 3, which used rear mud flaps to carry the message of the “Ponle freno” campaign. These were used for some years to raise awareness among the general public about the importance of due care and attention at the wheel. 

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