SINCE 1988

Kingom was born in 1988 from the effort and dedication of Ventura and Francisco, brothers born in Murcia (southern Spain) who started their career in the rubber manufacturing industry of truck spare parts back in the 70´s.

With the passing years they continued investigating in the manufacturing of accessories and spare parts for trucks, but the desire to prosper took them to try their luck elsewhere in places such as Mallorca and France, until they finally settled in Barcelona (Spain).

They continued working until they gathered enough capital to start as entrepreneurs in the sector that they had the most experience in. At that time, a small 400-meter workshop was used for developing their first products. The first rubber truck mud flap was manufactured in Polinyà (Barcelona) factory in the Christmas of 1988.

They later expanded their production and from manufacturing just rubber mud flaps, they progressed to manufacturing other types of truck accessories, like mud guards and fenders, bumpers and buffers, toolboxes, water tanks, floor carpets, etc, for all types of industrial vehicles, both light and great tonnage.

With the passing of the years and new talent incorporation, Kingom has grown considerably. We currently operate with highly specialized and devoted staff who believe in teamwork and the pursuit of continuous improvement, working to reach customer satisfaction and adapting to the market’s needs.

Kingom  is a reflection of its logo, which includes the drop, symbol of water and life, spirit of sacrifice. Kingom is like water, able to adapt to any market or customer need.
Currently Kingom has become a reference in the manufacturing of mud flaps and truck accessories, increasingly gaining presence within Europe and elsewhere, exporting to countries such as France, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands, among others.